I don't care about america/the 4th
I have the day off and I'm spending it half naked in bed, downloading music and drinking a lot of vanilla coke.

One thing I really need to do is finish reading all my zines. I have bought fuckloads of zines in the past year and still haven't read most of them. I also want to actually make a zine. Rick texted me a few months ago saying we should work on one together and we still haven't done it. 

Obligatory public post

I don't think anyone uses livejournal anymore but I kind of miss having a blog with actual privacy settings. Sometimes I want to vent about personal shit or write about my sex life in graphic detail or post nudes but I want more control over who sees it, YA KNOW?

Anyway, most of my entries are gonna be friends-only. K BYE.


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